In Stock - 2017

TBASS - 30.5" // Super Sonic Blue // Maple - maple neck // matching head // Aero passive pickups // beautiful bass ----------- inquire


{2} Fret less short scales in progress / rosewood boards / all lines and dots / BARTOLINI passive P pickup === REDUCED PRICING ON BOTH OF THESE - Inquire!


* if you would like a new Landing Bass..............just send us an email.

The reason not many basses are not 'in stock' is due to the fact that they sell before I can finish them.

It is a rarity I have basses 'in stock' due to demand. A variety of models are alway 'in progress' so please inquire.

Email me about a bass you are considering.

There's no obligation whatsoever. ----------- Jimmy Wilson - owner


 Basses In Production > some basses are "in progress" to be placed into stock. Please inquire.

 Contact Landing Guitars to order the bass of your choice and be placed on the production list.